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“We wanted a solution that would provide patients with
one comprehensive view of their health information from multiple, disconnected organizations. The only solution that truly aggregates data at the community level and provides a seamless point of access to that data is FollowMyHealth.”

- Dr. David Graham, CIO
Memorial Health System

“FollowMyHealth allows our patients to complete forms electronically from their homes, instead of in the office on clipboards. That digital data then flows into our EMR, eliminating data entry and improving the accuracy of clinical information. The resulting return on investment will be immediate.”

- Dr. Julie Gerndt, Chief Medical Officer
Mankato Clinic

“We found that Jardogs’ FollowMyHealth UHR stands above the others as a comprehensive, well-presented, user-friendly application that is very affordable. The Jardogs team has taken into consideration every aspect of patients’ needs to access their health record information, which will help patients inform their providers and improve the quality of their care, while reducing costs.”

- Bob Davidson, CIO
Hutchinson Clinic

"The biggest barrier that patients encounter with traditional PHRs is manually entering and maintaining their personal health information. With FollowMyHealth, all of the patient’s information that is stored in the EHR can easily populate and remain synchronized with the patient’s record. This information can then be used by the patient to automatically populate electronic forms sent to them in advance of an appointment. This feature eliminates the need for patients to manually fill out forms at the doctor’s office, which simplifies and streamlines the process for both patient and physician. This functionality is revolutionizing the way patients manage their health.”

- Jamie Steck, Director of IT
Central Utah Clinic

“With our active patient base, it’s not enough to have a product that integrates with a single vendor’s EHR — we needed a solution that allows our patients to control their health information and access their MFA physicians from anywhere in the world. FollowMyHealth provides a unified point of access for patients to interact with their providers and manage their health, regardless of what EHR system they may encounter anywhere in the world.

- Steve Badger, CEO
The George Washington Medical Faculty Associates

“At Springfield Clinic, we believe the FollowMyHealth is the right tool to improve communications, create efficiency and empower our nearly one million patients to better manage their own health. We are confident this new technology will not only provide benefits within our organization, but will also create system-wide value for all of our participating healthcare partners.”

- Randy Bryant, CEO
                                       Springfield Clinic

With FrontDesk Patient Kiosk, we reduced our registration check-in time from 6 minutes to less than 1 minute! It also enables our clinical staff to monitor the status of their patients. For example, staff can now see if a patient has arrived or is in the waiting room with a quick check of the kiosk.”

- Julia A. LaFrance, Director, Patient Financial Services & HIM
St. Joseph's Hospital

“The kiosks create ‘across the board’ standardization in what questions are asked and how to leverage those collected data elements. Plus there is no additional staff needed for implementation or support, and the training literally takes a half hour.”

- John West, Director, IT
Springfield Clinic